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to Cornea Care

Nictavi is an eye care product manufacturer and wholesaler deriving our forward-thinking innovations from a personal passion for preserving sight and reducing suffering.

Patient & Caregiver

Clinically Tested
Eye Care

Tarsus Eyelid Patch
for Eyelid Closure

Simple design, straightforward mechanics, and a superior product experience to revolutionize therapeutic eyelid closure, preventing and managing corneal abrasions and injuries while enhancing ocular therapies for greater comfort and better outcomes.

Innovative Eyelid Closure Device

We are bringing innovation and empowerment to the niche of eye care. Through thoughtful design, premium materials, and gentle medical adhesive, the Nictavi Tarsus Eyelid Patch presents a groundbreaking solution for corneal care. Positioned to revolutionize the sector by supplanting outdated methods and devices for eyelid closure, our product embodies innovation.

Affordable Therapeutic
for Cornea Care

Our patch sustains eyelid closure with unparalleled comfort. It improves patient compliance, satisfaction, and therapy treatment outcomes, providing a leap in value to our customers and the end-users.

Global Markets

With the introduction of this transformative device to international markets through our distribution partners, eye care professionals, caregivers, and individuals suffering from cornea and eyelid function issues around the world can prevent, protect, and heal using a product that utilizes the power of eyelid closure. Nictavi is reshaping the eyecare landscape and ushering in a new era of therapeutic possibilities worldwide.

Founder’s Story

Nathan Horner has an artificial cornea. His ocular medical journey, which involved partial blindness and three instances of having his eye sewn shut for a month to heal his corneal surface, inspired his entrepreneurial venture. Faced with a lack of effective solutions for eyelid closure, he invented the Tarsus Eyelid Patch, effectively turning the eyelid into a bandage for the eye and founded Nictavi to address this unmet need.

“Join us in our mission to preserve sight, reduce suffering and improve the eyelid closure experience.”

Nathan Horner, Founder and CEO

Wholesale Purchasing

Nictavi accepts purchase orders via email and is open to negotiate large volume recurring purchasing.

The minimum quantity of boxes to qualify for a wholesale bulk purchase order is 6 boxes.

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