Two Patents
More IP for Nictavi. The founded received a second patent today for the Tarsus Eyelid Patch. (#10,799,395 B1 issued on Oct. 13, 2020) This one for the various design features and iterations of the Tarsus Eyelid Patch / support. It was filed later as a continuance in part of the first patent application. The first patent is.. (#10,076,448 B2 issued on Sept. 18, 2018)



Attended Venture Launch Program

The Founder and CEO, on scholarship from CTIP, attended a 6 week Venture Launch course at Pasadena City College. The program ran from Oct. 9, - Nov. 20, 2019 instructed by Donald Loewel of the Small Business Development Center of California Los Angeles Network, and Albert D. Napoli Professor at USC Marshall School of Business. This course made me pivot from a traditional business plan to a Business Model Design and lean launch based on the methods of Alexander Osterwalder, Steve Blank, and Bob Dorf.


On July 24, 2019 notification was received that the Tarsus Eyelid Patch and startup Nictavi, created by the Inventor and founder Nathan Horner, were added to the  Los Angeles Childrens Hospitals CTIP Portfolio.

"This is a great honor and empowerment in many ways. I am so grateful to CTIP, and I am working hard and making the most of all they have to offer towards getting the Tarsus Eyelid Patch to market." - Nathan Horner


Alongside CHLA’s Innovation Studio sits the Consortium for Technology and Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP), which CHLA established in 2011 with the University of Southern California, to support and accelerate development and commercialization of medical devices and technology geared specifically to help vulnerable pediatric populations.

U.S. Trademark SN 88446381: NICTAVI

Aug 13, 2019

U.S. Serial Number: 88446381


Owner: Horner, Nathan

Trademark Product Name, TARSUS EYELID PATCH. SN #90101043
Filed Aug 11, 2020

1. Patent on device and method.
2. Trademark for Business / Brand name: Nictavi.
3. Filed for trademark for logo motion graphic Nictavi.
4. Filed for international trademark protections for Nictavi.
5. Trademark for product name, the Tarsus Eyelid Patch.