Our Approach

Nictavi is a Blue Ocean, value driven ophthalmological medical device startup, creating, innovating, and reimagining eye care products.

The name lends itself to be an umbrella for all types of eye related products.

Our Story.

A message from the inventor / founder.

My name is Nathan Horner from Hollywood, Ca. I am a Father, Artist, Surfer, Inventor, and the Founder of Nictavi. My future’s so bright I gotta wear shades. But that’s not why I wear them. They’re prescription.

For over 2 decades I have had surgeries on my left eye, and an infection that left me blind for a year in that eye. Now I see through an artificial cornea.

I have had a Boston K Pro artificial cornea in my left eye for 11 years, though there were issues with surface defects on the donor cornea tissue that surrounds my artificial cornea.

By stabilizing the eyelid in the closed position for varied amounts of time as prescribed, the eyelid becomes its own bandage. So to heal corneal surface defects, my eye was partially sewn closed for a month, 3 different times using a Lateral Tarsorrhaphy. There was nothing on the market to hold the eye closed comfortably. So I created an innovative eye closure device, the patented Tarsus Eyelid Patch from the patients perspective, making it the ultimate Human Centered Design Product. When it is applied to the closed upper eyelid, the adhesion conforms the patch to the curvatures of the eyeball, on the eyelid, and the under brow, it acquires form and structure, holding the eyelid in the closed position in resistance to the retraction of the levator muscle.

The 15 years of knowledge and experience with materials and adhesives, from my day job at a graphics printing company, came to good use.

My functional prototypes are prescribed to me by Dr. Anthony Aldave, the head of the Cornea Division at UCLA's Jules Stein Eye institute, and he has written a letter of endorsement, so has Dr. Law who is the Head of the Glaucoma Division of UCLA's Jules Stein Eye institute. I have been awarded 2 Patents, 1 for various designs and features of the patch.

The Tarsus Eyelid Patch is ideal for pediatric, and nocturnal use for various issues when eye closure is needed as in cases such as stroke, lazy eye, dry eyes, and for the elderly with eye health complications, among other applications.

"Nathan is the Steve Jobs of eye occlusion." - Scott Witt 4/23/20   CTIP EIR Zoom office group session.

Meet the Team

Join me in improving eye care products, and share my driving ambition and passion to preserve peoples sight.


Nathan Horner

Inventor / Founder & CEO

Please connect with me on Linkedin, and follow the Nictavi.

Thank you. http://www.linkedin.com/in/nathan-horner-nictavi

Please also see his artist website. www.nathanhorner.com

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